American Food Store Association

Giving voice to the food store business community in national, regional and local matters.  Our mission is to support your business.

Regulatory Representation

AFSA is proud to represent retailers nationwide in regulatory commentary matters that impact your store and your revenue.  It's our goal to make your voice heard.

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Industry Updates

In today's market, food stores are impacted by a constantly changing market.  From changes in SNAP inventory requirements, to health and FDA updates, our Association will keep you ahead of the market.

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Services for Members

The American Food Store Association can help point you in the right direction to find skilled professionals, banks, vendors and suppliers to help keep your store operating efficiently and profitably.

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Small Grocer
  • Current Initiatives

    AFSA is always engaged in activities to help food stores across the United States.  Our current initiatives include providing the USDA with input pertaining to potential rules impacting small food store operators.

  • In the News

    Many food store owners also carry a variety of tobacco, vapor and e-cigarette products.  AFSA is tracking the ongoing medical studies pertaining to vapor and e-cigarette products making news across the country.

  • Upcoming Conferences and Meetings

    Get newsletters and updates that impact your store's inventory and sales.  Trade disputes, recalls, new regulations, and health updates are distributed to our members.

Benefits of Joining AFSA

  • Have your voice heard. Join AFSA today to have your voice heard.
  • Protect againt unforseen market changes.
  • Improve Your List of Vendors. Get better services for better prices.
  • Get breaking news that impacts your store. Relevant information and takeaways.

How to Join

AFSA is always accepting new members.  We are proud to include nationwide, regional and small local stores in our membership.  If you would like to apply for membership, fill out our application!